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    First and foremost, I am a poet.


    I am a black woman living in DETROIT. I am surrounded by grit and beauty, love and hate, battle and surrender. I live in a complex city in a complex time. I am a complex being.


    There is no better moment than right now to start and/or continue growing into our authentic selves. WE are our world. As a writer, I talk about the world through my own intersectionalities (black, femme, queer, fat, disabled), which allows me to show up with all of my greatness and minutiae, in full voice, and ready to connect with the world.

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    Bad Bitch Allegiance

    (c) 2020 Alana Gracey All Rights Reserved

    I pledge allegiance to myself and all other bad bitches who dare to use their voices to shout in this world.

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    (c) 2020 Alana Gracey All Rights Reserved

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